Family Garden Fun – Churchtown / Rathfarnhan, Dublin

Description and Design Solution

What a Wonderful project to work on. 😉 .. Our Design specifics was to create a practical, useable and safe fun place for the whole family to enjoy. This involved an extensive design and landscape to all the land levels. We opened up the whole garden, giving plenty of place to play for the kids and also introduced areas where Mum & Dad could relax and enjoy their garden too.

Upright and flat placed wood railway sleepers where used to retain and createstructures, which was in keeping with the natural feel that the client desired. A new pressure treated fence for the border and complimentary hedge planting also. At this point we had only put in minimal planting ( i.e. lavenders and bamboos ).

Check out our brief walk through video and pictures, which give a better idea of works involved and end results.


Walk through Video of family garden in progress

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