An Experienced Construction Team

The art of putting all your beautiful materials and specimen plants together

Anything worthwhile Starts with a Great foundation! I for one, do NOT like it when a product I purchase is of inferior quality. Installed wrong, does not last or does not serve its purpose properly! There is nothing more frustrating ! and that is the last thing I want for my valued customers.

At Greenacres Landscapes, our team of highly skilled professionals will always undertake to construct your garden with guaranteed workmanship and quality products…… Being around since 1985 has definitely got its advantages for all involved 🙂

Hard Landscaping

Good foundations and quality products are key ingredients to the Hard landscaping aspect . Patios, Paths , walls and wood structures can be used to define some main structures in your new garden. We will assist and advise you when choosing the appropriate products and colors to suit your needs, as this can be sometimes daunting, with such a wide range and type of products available on today’s market.

Patios – Paths – Walls

The structures that keep it all together .. and were most of the action takes place … AKA … Strolling up and through meandering easy paths …, relaxing with your favourit glass of red on the beautiful patio and stopping to sit on a ( proper height ) retaining wall on the way to your patio.. it takes experience and skill to get them all right and working in unison together.

Driveways – Pebble Areas – Edgings

Even More structures!! … And Natural stone products are very poplar and also very reasonably priced these days … Which is always good news. Also Pebbled and stone chip areas are a great way to cover large areas with a limited budget. Call us today and we can advise you how!

Raised Planters & Be-spiked Designs

Sick of breaking your back … bending over to weed the beds? … Raise em Up and you will not only make life easier, but also create a Wonderful raised feature to your garden. We are experts at designing and creating raised brick and wood beds and planters. We can also advise you what products are best suited to use for this and get the design and height JUST right!

Wood works – Fencing – Trellis – Decking

Wood work Is Timeless and soft on the eye and in most applications, very cost effective and easier to install. Maybe not as Hard wearing as Natural stone, but certainly a Wonderful complimentary product to the main structures in your garden.

Artificial Grass & Play Areas

Artificial grass has become super popular in recent years and the quality and feel to the different variations of artificial grass available now is also suburb. Like any product, it has to be installed properly and utilised in the right environment to get maximum effect, otherwise it will take away from the look of the garden, instead of adding value. Call us to to learn the tricks of the trade on how to achieve this. 🙂

Water Features & Garden Lightings

I don’t know many people who do not like the look of a well constructed water feature or Lighting that has been planned and installed properly in the right positions … They are A true addition and the installation of these is an undervalued skill to the end results achieved!

Soft Landscaping

Where would we be without our beautiful Plants & flowers, Our Tall trees & green lawns … And of course we cant forget the nutritious soils that feed them all! These all need to be sourced from quality growers and planted in the correct soils and positions … so as to give the best chance and environment to Thrive … A Lot of inexperienced Landscapers get this part Wrong!!

Everything Lawns

Ah , the Lawn …. the Centre piece of most gardens! … The unfortunate part is most Irish lawns are not in good condition as they need to be tended to on a regular basis. fact … What is below the lawn ( The soils and foundations ) is what determines the quality and look of the top surface … We love bringing old tired lawns back to life … Feel free to ask us How.

Standard and Specimen Planting / Living Walls

Oh Dear! Unfortunately Soooo Many, so called “ Experienced“ Landscapers get this part of the job Completely Wrong!! Our specimen Plants and flowers and structural trees are the life blood of all beautiful and properly installed and designed gardens … they are what brings the feel and the essence and all the structural works to life … Also, there is no need to be afraid or intimidated by the maintenance amor care of the planting, because if it is planned properly it is easy to maintain. I think you can tell am passionate about this important part of your garden. 🙂

Tree Surgery & Surveys

As above with planting and flowers. Our Trees need to be cared for appropriately … When a tree is planted in position it usually is there till the end of its life, so the variet should be chosen carefully and with its position and surrounding environment in mind. We only use expert suppliers and certified Tree growers.

Soils, Bark-mulch & Plant Fertilising

From soil come Life! … If you look at a healthy tree or plant or grass area, the main reason why it is doing well, is due to the ground it feeds off. It’s a Simple as that & Makes sense really, as we are what we eat! :).

General Residential and Commercial Maintenance

We all need a little T.L.C and general Maintenance. Why should a garden be any different. The way to look at this is through the old saying … “A stitch in time saves Nine!“. Maintenance is the art of keeping it all Happy and healthy … We have a team of dedicated professionals to look after this for you … & They love to do the Jobs you Hate!! … Really!! They do!! :). Do you need a tailored maintenance plans to suit your needs. Call us for details.

Power Washing & Spraying

Anyone Can use power-washer! … Yes, that’s true .. But why bother yourself renting one or pulling it out of the dusty shed when we can get it done quicker and (Maybe), but more likely cheaper by us? … Anyway … who wants to spend there hard earned time power washing when you deserve to be relaxing after your hard weeks work … Leave that to us! … And spraying … Well, believe me when I say … more damage has been done to the average garden than any other, when the wrong chemical has been used in the wrong place or wrong quantity … We are “Certified“ spray professionals … and the products we use work the way they should and last longer … which is Another saving grace for you 🙂