Seasonal Offers

There’s one for Everyone in the Audience…


The “Where do I Start, to Even Begin!?”

It’s that sinking feeling, when you look out your Kitchen window or the double patio doors & and think “What the hell am I gonna do with this garden!?”, or maybe, you have a few ideas on what to do , but don’t really know how to put it all together ( A bit like missing a few pieces in that jig-saw puzzle! Very frustrating)

I have heard this from previous clients, many times over the years, and i get it! Well … Problem solved… 🙂 , We have designed and created thousands of gardens over the years , so rest assured we know what works and what does not!

Full garden design drawing including:
  • Site visit and survey
  • A scale master plan
  • Two x 3 Dimensional photos for your viewing pleasure

Grab this Unbeatable special offer now before its gone! Also to say , in many cases, this charge is entirely to cover the cost of producing the plan and is fully or partly refundable to you if we a re awarded the construction of the garden project after design. Call me for more details!

€895All Projects From


The “Make Your Neighbours Jealous”

There’s nothing better than chilling out on a well planned patio , weather that be in the morning Sun for a Cuppa tea and your favourite book or the evening Sun down with your Favourite glass of relaxing beverage!

Even better when you can invite the family or neighbours over and chin wag over the latest gossip or Spark up the BBQ when the time is right . Whatever way ye look at it. A well designed and laid out patio or Drive-way Adds Massive appeal and Value to your home and from € 95 per m2 with all materials supplied and expertly fitted for your driveways and Patios.

€95Determined by Type of product


The “Ultimate Gift to Your Significant Other”

Its A win/win situation really lads or Ladies! Grab this offer up to surprise and impress your wonderful (Or worn Out!) significant other and take a load off your feet (and your precious back) in the meantime! We love to do the jobs you hate! The cutting , strimming , cleaning , weeding , spraying and all that nasty stuff that (Ultimately) reaps massive rewards , but who’s got the time to Start , Let alone, Finish these jobs! Just Kick back. Relax. The Lads can hit the golf club or Pub match and the ladies can (Lets be honest) basically do what-ever they dam well please (lol):) and deservedly so! Leave the rest to Us and we will have the garden back in order, before you get home!

A Professional seasonal garden maintenance program:

including pruning specimen plants, trimming hedges, digging beds and all the other details you just can’t seem to find the time to start or finish!

** Unbeatable Offer ( And we offer discounted rates for regular and return visits

€340½ day Maint. program (Includes 1 m³ green waste, Weed sprays & grass condition products)

€660Full day program(Includes 2 m³ green waste, Weed sprays & grass condition products)


The “You Could eat yer Dinner off this Patio”

“Anyone Can use power-washer! Yes,thats mostly true! But why bother yourself with the hassle and expense of renting one or having to search and pull it out of the back of the dusty shed . We can get it done quicker and (most likely) cheaper in many cases!

Anyway who wants to spend there hard earned time , getting wet and dirty, power washing when you deserve to be relaxing after your hard weeks work. Leave that to us! ** Also an important factor that many forget is that most surfaces need to be re-sanded or sealed after they are cleaned as this helps to stop nasty weeds and dirt setting back into surfaces )

Professional power hosing to that hard surface you need cleaned. Patios, driveways, walls. (Not to forget the all important Re-sanding and / or Sealing afterwards to stop those nasty weeds and growth setting in again!)

€55er hour (Or we can call out and price per set job as required)


The “Im Sick a Looking at that Pile of Smelly Rubbish!”

We have all been victims of that unsightly pile of rubbish hiding in a dark and dirty corner of the garden! You have been threatening to get rid of it for WELL! Longer than you want to admit!.

Maybe The main thing stopping you is the hassle of ordering a skip and having to haul it into that skip or away in the back of the Car! (Which will probably take 3 trips to the dump).

We will have it removed and disposed of in a Flash and always to a licensed waste disposals and green waste depot. Feel free to call us to discuss our cost effective rates. 🙂

€190er trailer(Further reduced!) Trailer: (10x5x4) ft.

€280per truck(Further Reduced!) Truck: (12x6x4) ft