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Garden Design

A great Garden can start with just a little imagination and a few basic ideas ! Then if we add a touch of design experience and some practical knowledge, together the result is always a success. 🙂  Every garden is very different and each client requires different needs and usually have different tastes.  Initially, a meeting is arranged to talk through the Design possibilities of your garden. We will then discuss your preferences / requirements and any other garden design ideas you may have. A quick meeting & complete garden survey, including photographs and measurements, usually takes between 30 – 60 mins and then we can get back with your cost effective price on the design plan. We like to make this process as easy and informative as possible.

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Landscape Construction

Anything worthwhile Starts with a Great foundation! I for one, do NOT like it when a product i purchase is of inferior quality. Installed wrong, does not last or does not serve its purpose properly! There is nothing more frustrating ! and that is the last thing i want for my valued customers. Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, will always undertake to construct your garden with guaranteed workmanship and quality products…… Being around since 1985 has defiantly got its advantages for all involved 🙂

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Landscape Maintenance

As the Old saying goes … “ A Stitch in time , Saves Nine ! “.  Well the same practice could be compared to General landscape maintenance works. It is the art and vocation of keeping a landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive. We have had the great pleasure of looking after Many and Varied, residential and commercial properties throughout the Dublin area and Surrounding Counties . Always on time and we have a dedicated, enthusiastic and qualified team who take pride in serving You , as and when required. 🙂 Call us Anytime to discuss a selection of different options available. Seasonal clean ups , Weekly or monthly or yearly visits, we Cater for all occasions. 🙂

Tree-Surgery-and-Stump-Removal - The Gift Grower

Tree Surgery and Stump Removals

We love our beautiful Native Trees!! They need proper care and maintenance from time to time! ( Just like all the other wonderful elements in your garden or open parklands). In fact and unfortunately, there has been Many a Time when we are called out TOO late on emergency works and clean ups for trees that could have been safe or saved, if they where maintained properly beforehand . 🙁 So with that in mind, we always take a pro-active approach to the survey the trees on your property & grounds. FULLY insured and Ready to take on all and any Tree works, large or small. 🙂

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