Re-Claim land & River Views – Dodder River, Rathfarnham

Description and Design Solution

I remember the conversation with Mary ( Our client ) , when we first had a look ( Approx 2002 ) at the required works for this extensive project .. She said “ Do you think you can achieve what we want and need as every other landscaper is running away when they see how much is Involved ! “
And so the story goes , as you can see .. I gave a Confident “ Yes ! , of course and i would love to take the challenge on “ .. So we did !
What ended up was a beautiful tiered and lush planted walkway down to the well know Dodder river ( i feel the pictures do not really do it justice , buts i suppose thats my biased opinion .. 🙂 .. )
It was also important to get the safety issue aspects of this job right , as this garden is utilised for commercial purposes also ( Mary runs a fabulous Cattery care business from her lovely family home in Rathfarnham )
We still drop in from time to time , to catch up with Mary, who is now not only our client but became a great friend . 🙂
We went on to do further works , which involved landscaping the top section of the garden to accommodate the cattery house’s , walkways for clients and sandstone patios to relax on and view from the Kitchen window .
I also use Mary’s wonderful cattery care services whenever i go on holidays as being a Cat lover myself , its the only place i would use to care for my cat whilst on holidays .

  • “ we presented Andy and his team with a huge challenge to design and create Our Cattery garden completely from scratch” …. Now , “ As our clients turn the corner into our garden it always takes their breath away “ …. “Without hesitation we highly recommend Andy and his team.”

    Mary  Dobbs Cattery
    Mary Dobbs Cattery Dublin 16


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