The Raised Reclaim with Warm wood products – Ballinteer, Dublin

Description and Design Solution

On many occasions we get calls to design and claim back un-used or out of condition areas in residential gardens . This is a good example of how we took back a unused area in a family garden . It was overgrown , unused , had old sheds and sharp debris hanging around and was actually quite unsafe as the kids where getting to “Explore” age in this family home.
Firstly we excavated and removed unwanted sheds, debris and waste . Then we built a new brick border wall and pressure treated wood fence . Introduced New soils and grass which was held in by stepped up “Railway sleepers”
The result was a wonderful fresh new look and an added usable extension to this family garden .
We used hard-wearing ( Pressure treated ) wood products , but still keeping a warm wood feel so it would match with the existing garden .
Mum and Dad were very Happy, as they could now feel safe to let the younger “ Exploring “ kids and their friends roam free and safe without worry .



Brief walk-through on the day we started Ballinteer job

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