The Gold Granite Invitation – Rathfarnhan, Dublin

Description and Design Solution

We get many call outs enquiring about the best way to enhance front gardens and driveways . This particular job is one close to my heart as the client is none other than my beautiful mother ..
So i had better get this one right !! or I’m in trouble .. LOL .
Bearing in mind the above and the fact that a front drive and entrance is the first impression and invitation to anyones home , we set to work !! .
Fully removed old drive , Moved pillars and walls and introduced a quality gold cobble granite and ballylusk stone entrance mix . I curved the path to give a more inviting and interesting feel and planting minimal specimen shrubbery to make it low maintenance ..

In the back we followed on with the gold / tan granite slabs and raised granite edging .. Keeps it minimalistic and practical , as there was not much garden left after a new back house extension .
A small garden shed feature and a few new trellis to give security ( Which climbers will cover in time )

All in all , Im happy to say , my mother ( a.k.a the “boss” ) was very Happy and we both get to sit out and relax with a glass of red when I’m visiting . 🙂



Breaking out and preparation of front driveway

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